Engagement Considerations

A Traditional Washington DC Law Practice in Maine:  I have spent most of my career in the Washington DC area and my predecessor firm was based and located in Washington DC.  Although my physical location has changed, my current law practice is the same as my former Washington DC law practice: representing government contractors and subcontractors in government contract matters. Today's technology makes the necessity for physical presence in the Washington DC area the exception rather than the rule for most day to day activities associated with government contract matters.

Efficiencies, Client Collaboration and Price Point
:  Engaging a lawyer is expensive.  While the lower overhead costs associated with operating a small firm in a Maine location allows me to charge lower hourly rates than would be possible at a larger law firm, agreeing to the appropriate scope of services with a client is also important.  I strive to work with clients to maximize efficiencies and manage legal fees during the course of an engagement.  No single approach fits all situations.  Together, we will discuss and develop an engagement plan or guiding principles that work for you, considering any recognized risks and benefits.

Bid Protests and Interventions:
  Because bid protest timelines are short and the rules complex, I urge clients considering a bid protest to begin the discussion with me as soon as possible.  Different deadlines apply to different situations. In addition to timing, we will discuss whether filing a protest (or intervening in the defense of an award) makes sense based on the known facts, potential cost, and your business goals.

Respect and Civility in Adversarial Matters
:  Government contractors work hard to develop relationships with their government clients and industry teammates.  I will be steadfast in representing your interests while remaining cognizant and respectful of your pre-existing business relationships and future business goals.  

Large Business and Small Business Representation
:  Since opening my own firm in 2012, I have successfully represented large and small contractors on government contracting matters and bid protests, including successful protest representations on very large procurement matters (resolving in corrective action in the protest of a $6.9B USAF IDIQ and corrective action in the protest of an exclusion from competition on a $5B Army IDIQ ).  I have also handled significantly smaller protests and matters.  I strive to provide clients of all sizes effective and efficient representation at a reasonable cost.

Representing Government Contractors
and Subcontractors

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